The Identity & Traditions of Europe (French: Identités & Traditions Européennes) political foundation at European level plans its yearly work program according to the statutes and to the financial-operational regulations of the European Parliament. The main chapters of the work program are standard, details of the content may alter during the year reflecting to the possibilities and needs.

Board meeting: the Board of ITE holds regular meetings managing the general work program and following the projects. In addition, prepares and delivers decisions of operation.

General Assembly: the members of ITE accepts the yearly work program, the financial and project reports. The General Assembly decides about the organizational and personal changes as well.

Project meeting: in order to prepare and implement the projects listed in the yearly work program of ITE the Board members, co workers and representatives of hold meetings on the spot of the projects with the related service providers, partners.

Partner visit: as a part of the organizational development, the officials and representatives of ITE organize personal meetings and visits with the potential partners, future members.

Workshop: ITE considers the professional workshops as one of the most effective ways of learning and development. The results of the workshop activities appear in studies, publications and digital content as well.

Education, training: ITE emphasizes the importance of the training of its members, partners – first and foremost – the youth organizations. In addition, the share of experience, publication of the results. Within this field, the cooperation between AEMN and its foundation ITE is highly developed.

Technical development: from the first years of the operation of ITE, the foundation underlines the necessity of use of communicational technology, the importance of information exchange development:

  • Multilingual home page and content development
  • Audio-visual technology utilization
  • Web development technologies and strategies
  • Knowledge management and sharing

Basic research: ITE cooperates with its affiliated political party, AEMN conducting projects of basic research and actively uses the results in its activity in the following fields:

  • Strategies
  • Political science
  • Technology and politics
  • Social issues
  • Mass communication

Publication: ITE is accumulating experience in the traditional ways of content creation and publication, thus creates books, leaflets and other publications as well:

  • Yearbook
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Professional publication

Promotion: according to the experience of ITE, the awareness of the European citizens about the political parties and foundations at European level is very low. Thus, the reputation of the individual political parties at European level is even lower, therefore, the promotion and awareness rising are inevitable:

  • Political advertisement, information providing
  • Everyday promotion materials, gadgets

Media developments: one of the main goals of ITE is reinforce the independent and objective mass communication possibilities. Before launching own media, the acquisition proper technical knowledge, expertise is inevitable. In this field as well ITE cooperates with AEMN.

  • Home page development
  • Virtual workplace development