Christian traditions in Transylvania

The traditions are important for Europeans. There are many youngs, who are willing to follow traditional Christian feasts, including Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Romania is a land of many more traditions than somebody would normally expect from some lesser-known Eastern European country, and Christmas is no exception.
From cheerful groups of children singing carols from door to door to mouthwatering dishes and various odd habits, the homeland of Dracula is kind of a truly amazing place to spend Christmas.
Some of these customs and traditions are old, unusual, and authentic; others borrowed from overseas, but, together, they put Romania in festive mood, offering it a unique identity and a special charm during the winter holidays.
Christmas season in Romania kicks off right after St. Andrew’s Day (November 30), when according to local legends, vampires and evil spirits come to light. The period leading up to Christmas is filled with wonderful celebrations, including Saint Nicholas, when all children receive gifts.