European evenings – actual cultural issues

The successful event continues in Budapest. European evenings – 6 times in 2017 – restarted in January.

Tradition, identity and culture in the EU

Open lectures about the actual cultural-political issues of the EU. Every 2 months – 6 lectures per year.

​​ITE and its local partner in Budapest started the series of events in 2015 and decided to continue them based on the constant interest.

The participants of the lectures seek answers to actual cultural issues, concerns how to defend the cultural heritage of nations in Europe – not only in context of multiculturalism and migration but of cultural-political oppression, forced assimilation, lack of freedom of speech, etc.

The lecturers – among them MEP-s, MP-s provide actual hot issues to the audience, for example the differences between the reality and the imagined cultural diversity, the clash of civilizations or protection of cultural heritage in line with the written principles of the EU.

​​Inviting public speakers, experts. The first panel of every evening is devoted to the explanation of the lecturer, and the second panel is a round table discussion involving the audience.