Cultural round table – Buda Castle Civic Circle

The small scale discussion event series of ITE partners, supporters​ and guests upon political-cultural issues restart on 27-th of May. In 2017, 4 events planned.

Local identity – local solutions

In 2016, ITE started small scale discussion event series for ITE partners, supporters​ and guests upon political-cultural issues of the local heritage protection in European context.​

The program continues in 2017, starting on 27th of May in the club room of Budavári Nemzeti Kör – Budapest, I. Corvin tér 1. (free admission). There will be all together 4 events during the year.

Model-role “round table discussions” about the actual political-cultural issues related to the Buda Castle region in European​ context, with the local participants – members of civic groups, supporters of ITE, etc.

On of the example was the civic envolvement possibilities in the preparation of the reconstruction of the Buda Castle as the royal palace area reconstruction will be the state’s most important undertaking in the following years.​ Although the castle district is wonderful as it is today and it’s one of the most popular attractions of Budapest, the reconstruction is will take for a very long time.​ Surviving many demolition, the reconstruction has to be well planned and debated with local inhabitans and citizens. The citizen participation forms and the articulation of the citizens need is vital political issue of today.​

ITE asked its local partner – Buda Castle Civic Circle – to organize the event and call the interested​ participants to form a new way of dialog. The session itself serves as an example to the participants to follow and improve in their respective communities.


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