The tradition of Pentecost – Transylvania

Mini-conference, workshop and site visit followed by discussions and social networking – combined event about the religious tradition of Csíksomlyó.

Identity and traditon are base values of ITE. The conference is dedicated to promote the historical background of ​this Central European cultural heritage among almost 60 international participants: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, etc.

The Christian holiday of Pentecost is a living tradition in Transylvania, Romania. The common European religious holiday is viral in the Csíksomlyó region. The village became a pilgrimage site in 1442. From the 1990s hundreds of thousands of pilgrims began to revitalize the site.

The program was organized and implemented by professional event organizer based on the instructions and needs of ITE. The International participants from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine participated in professional lectures about the traditions of Pentecost in Transylvania, in the Csíksomlyó Region. Followingly, in groups they payed site visits to the pilgrimage locations near the valley of Csíksomlyó.
The experiences were discussed during the evening, combined with social networking.

The participants of the event of this kind are “embassadors” of the value transfer, as they not only are present at the lectures and visits but convey the experiences into their local communities after their return.

For ITE, the event organizational experience, the network widening were the most important achievements – based on the work program of 2017.