ITE Youth Training – Hungary

Creating international network of young nationalist leaders is one of the main goals of ITE. The workshop and training event goes on since 2013.

Tradition and cooperation

Since the beginning of its operation, ITE started to cooperate with a number of civic and cultural youth organizations related to the nationalist and traditionalist political ideologies in Europe. In 2013, an International training and workshop was launched with the assistance of the Youth Division of Jobbik (October 4-6, Tata – Hungary).  

The cooperation has continued after and since 2014 ITE participates in the youth leader training program with own lectures and workshops – inviting multinational participants.

The series of events were implemented in 2017 Szolnok – Hungary, on April 8-9.

Young leaders of political, civic and traditional organizations of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine received lectures about the activities of ITE and its international relations. 

The theme of the workshop and dicussions of this year was the Multiculturalism and its cultural aspects in Europe – held in 2 groups. The keynote speakers were: 

– Gergő Farkas – president of YD Jobbik

– Maté Silhavy – professional trainer​

– László Sípos – director of project management – ITE

The program let the International participant have a real insight of Multiculturalism and its cultural, identitcal aspects from the point of view of ITE. The young leaders expressed their interest towards a more integrated form of cooperation with the political foundation – like traineeship possibilities in Brussels. Therefore, ITE will consider the possibility of inviting more young political activist to its professional training program.​