Participation in the largest traditionalist event of Europe

As much as 27 nations have been represented in Kurultaj, Europe largest traditionalist event. ITE was there as well.

The power of identity

Hungary’s more than one thousand years of history in the middle of Europe has shaped its culture as the most westernized of the nomadic cultures. In every second year the “Kurutaj” gives venue for the gathering of 27 nations from Eurasian region. This huge event provides excellent place for build personal connections20160814_080551 during the 3 days festival.

The ITE had organized its own yurt – as place not only for accommodation but for “meet ups” as well. The name of the festival also reflects its aim: the word ” kurultaj ” and its variations in the Altaic languages (mostly of Turkic origin) translates as “meeting of the tribes”.

20160812_123641In 2018, ITE plans to invite its partner organizations to participate from the most countries possible.