Natbook – Operation starts now

ITE launched a new homepage for members, supporters and partners to share its knowledge, study-research results and communication expertise.

Knowledge sharing starts

As previously we reported, the European Traditions and Identity Foundation is not only conducts research, gathers knowledge and expertise on the fields of political sciences, historic and recent social-economic issues, communication and education aims to draw the conclusions of them and share the experiences with the public.

From now on, the Natbook home page is operational.

natbooklogoThe main goals of the “Natbook” (National Bookshelf) project are:

  • Create and maintain small workshops, think tanks
  • Conduct research and survays on up-to-date issues
  • Create new knowledge and know-how
  • Share the experience, ideas and the knowledge

The editors of the home page are open to the opinions, suggestions to improve the site: