Visit to the Granoller’s Traditional Market

Jordi de la Fuente (Spain) had visited the traditional Market of Franollers, one of the main cities in Catalonia (Spain), and one of the main markets in all region.
This market is part of the identity of the region as the oldest documented in Catalonia. Was bombed during the Civil War (1938) and nowadays remains as a meeting point for deals, business and all kind of purchases. The city centre streets and squares are surrounded with stands -no place for cars, just pedestrians.

The Thursday market has more than 400 stands that occupy 2.5 kilometers linear, in the streets and squares of the urban center, and around the heritage elements of the city.

It is the reference market of the Vallès Oriental (county). It’s the second market in number of stands throughout the region, after Canovelles town, but the largest that is celebrated on a business day. That denotes its importance and, consequently, the influence it exerts on consumer buying patterns and the city’s attraction capacity.

Clothing is the most represented product, followed by food, personal supplements, and household linen. In a testimonial way, there are some stops of birds, the so-called rengle, which recalls an agricultural and livestock past.

It’s a traditional market, the first documented reference dates from the year 1040 AC. The ritual of making a breakfast of “fork and knife” is still preserved, a tradition used by farmers and dealers to close deals.

The customer finds in this market on Thursday favorable prices, opportunities and proximity products.

Everything in the market operates every week of the year thanks to the joint work of the Gremi d’Encants i Marxants de Barcelona (gremium of stands owners) and the Granollers City Council. Zeladors del Gremi, local inspectors and various Local Police officers collaborate in aspects such as controlling licenses, meeting schedules or making stalls do not hinder the entrance of apartments or those of any commercial establishment. In addition, while the market is taking place, Local Police officers and also uniformed officers perform surveillance and prevention of thefts in collaboration with Mossos d’Esquadra (regional catalan police). In this supervision they verify if they sell objects without municipal authorization or, sometimes, intervene products with counterfeit trademark or that aren’t approved in the European Union.